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Pardon Our Cyberdust

We're renovating the NVE intro website, but the voice trade system through our creative partner, vCreative is up and running to continue to handle your voice-over requests.


Expand Your Broadcast Talent Pool, Trade Online for Voice Overs

National Voice Exchange extends the talent pool of broadcast stations. A radio station with an on-air staff of three can now offer its advertisers a choice of a hundred voice artists from other stations across the country. And for a low monthly membership fee, you can access the NVE talent pool as much as need withot paying cash for each spot.

How? You trade with the vocal talent you have. NVE members share each other's talents through the use of voice credits and an online voice over request system. You order a spot, you spend a voice credit. You do a spot for another station, you earn a credit. Your own staff may do the same number of spots, but half of them are for other members. At the same time, instead of your advertisers hearing the same three voice doing the ads for everybody in your market, they suddenly hear a unique voice to make their ads stand out from the crowd. You bet your advertisers are going to want to hear more of those unique sounds.

The First Month is FREE!

We designed NVE to solve a problem every broadcaster is hearing, but budgets restrict them from hiring extra full or freelance voice talent. But rather than a fee for a limited number of voices for a limited number of spots, NVE's fee of $99/month, $20 for each additional station in the same market, gives you unlimited use of the NVE talent pool.

And the first month is on us. No obligation, no contract. Take a month to try us out. You will find NVE is a perfect solution for you need for more voices while staying within your budget.

Don't Take Our Word for It

Our members know we're not just saving them money. We're helping them bring in more advertising dollars.

"We're making money with NVE. We sound better and our advertisers are happier.

– Patric Patterson, WEGP Radio, Pres Isle, Maine

NVE is just what the doctor ordered. With the large number of professional voices available, our ADVERTISERS ARE NOTICING. Thanks, guys, for a great service at an affordable price.

– Gary Stone, program and production director, WECO AM/FM, Wartburg, TN

"NVE is probable the best investment we've ever made into the Creative Department. Our voice pool instantly grew from 8 people, to well over 100; and a majority of those voices are utterly amazing! It's hard to believe we could get such amazing voices in our market.  On top of that, it's easier for us to sell clients, because they can now have a voice for their ads that no one has heard before...which makes a bigger impact for their advertising...management likes it too, because the cost is low unbelievably low! Again, by far the best investment we've made into this department.  We'll be using it for many years."

--Amos and JT, Creative Team, Leighton Broadcasting, St. Cloud MN